gregg lewis headshotThe Author

Gregg Lewis is an internationally known free-lance author with more than 50 books to his credit.

He was born in Michigan and raised in a small town in Kentucky. He attended Asbury College, where he majored in history secondary education and made plans to teach high school history once he graduated. However, he took Asbury’s first journalism class the fall of his senior year. His professor was so impressed that he wrote Gregg a letter suggesting a career in writing rather than teaching and subsequently recommended him for an associate editor position in Chicago. Gregg took the job and began his writing career creating Sunday School curriculum for David C. Cook publishing.

After 3 years, he left David C. Cook to get his master’s degree in journalism at Wheaton College. Upon graduation from Wheaton, he worked as an editor for Campus Life Magazine for ten years, the last five of which he was the editor. Gregg then helped found Marriage Partnership magazine, also a publication of Christianity Today Inc..  During his years as a magazine editor, Gregg began writing books of his own.

By the time Gregg left his full-time position with Christianity Today in 1988 to pursue free-lance writing full time, he had published seven books, including one with his dad, Dr. Ralph L. Lewis, and another with his mother, Margie M. Lewis.

Gregg and wife Deborah moved their family to Georgia, but he continued to serve part time as Editor at Large for Campus Life and as a senior writer for Marriage Partnership for another nine years.

Since publishing his first book in 1977, Gregg has worked with football coach Tom Landry, pediatric neurosurgeon Dr. Ben Carson, septuplet parents Bobbi and Kenny McCaughey, and numerous other people with fascinating stories to share. He has also co-written several books with his wife Deborah about families and parenthood.

He and his wife live in Rome, Georgia and have 5 adult children scattered around the United States.

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