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Book Title Author Year Publisher
A Dream So Big Steve Peifer &
Gregg Lewis
2013 Zondervan
The Insanity of God Nik Ripken &
Gregg Lewis
2013 B&H Books
True to His Word Gregg & Deborah Lewis 2010 Biblica Publishing
The Hurting Parent
(Updated & Expanded)
Margie M. Lewis &
Gregg Lewis
2010 Zondervan
Gifted Hands: The Ben Carson Story Gregg & Deborah Lewis 2009 Zonderkidz
Take the Risk: Learning to Identify,
Choose, and Live with Acceptable Risk
Dr. Ben Carson &
Gregg Lewis
2008 Zondervan
Miracle at Tenwek:
The Life of Dr. Ernie Steury
Gregg Lewis 2007 Discovery House
Joel Joel Sonnenberg &
Gregg Lewis
2004 Zondervan
Today’s Heroes: Brother Andrew Gregg & Deborah Lewis 2002 Zonderkidz
Today’s Heroes: Ben Carson Gregg & Deborah Lewis 2002 Zonderkidz
Today’s Heroes: Dave Dravecky Gregg & Deborah Lewis 2002 Zonderkidz
Today’s Heroes: Joni Eareckson Tada Gregg & Deborah Lewis 2002 Zonderkidz
Today’s Heroes: Colin Powell Gregg & Deborah Lewis 2002 Zonderkidz
Today’s Heroes: David Robinson Gregg & Deborah Lewis 2002 Zonderkidz
Jesus, M.D. David Stevens, M.D. &Gregg Lewis 2001 Zondervan
Safe at Home Bob Muzikowski &
Gregg Lewis
2001 Zondervan
The Healing Connection Harold Koenig &
Gregg Lewis
2001 Thomas Nelson
The Big Picture Ben Carson, M.D. &
Gregg Lewis
2000 Zondervan
The Game and the Glory Michelle Akers &
Gregg Lewis
2000 Zondervan
Celebrating the Wonder of Motherhood Bobbi McCaughey,Gregg & Deborah Lewis 1999 Thomas Nelson
Seven from Heaven: The Miracle of the McCaughey Septuplets Kenny & Bobbi McCaughey,Gregg & Deborah Lewis 1998 Thomas Nelson
Forgiving the Dead Man Walking Debbie Morris &
Gregg Lewis
1998 Zondervan
What Does She Want from Me, Anyway? Holly Phillips &
Gregg Lewis
1997 HarperCollins/
Family First: Winning the Parenting Game Deloris Jordan &
Gregg Lewis
1996 Harper San Francisco
Today’s Heroes: Heather Whitestone Daphne Gray & Gregg Lewis 1995 Zondervan
Yes, You Can, Heather Daphne Gray &
Gregg Lewis
1995 Zondervan
The Power of a Promise Kept Gregg Lewis 1995 Focus on the Family
“Did I Ever Tell You About . . .” Deborah & Gregg Lewis 1994 Zondervan
I Can’t Walk So I’ll Learn to Dance Carolyn Martin &
Gregg Lewis
1994 Zondervan
Major League Dad Tim & Christine Burke &Gregg Lewis 1994 Focus on the Family
Good Sports Bob Thomas & Gregg Lewis 1994 Zondervan
Charlie’s Victory Charlie & Lucy Wedemeyer
& Gregg Lewis
1993 Zondervan
A Missing Peace Bob Seiple & Gregg Lewis 1992 Intervarsity Press
When You Were a Baby Deborah &
Gregg Lewis
1991 Zondervan
Tom Landry: An Autobiography Tom Landry
& Gregg Lewis
1990 Zondervan
Hudson Taylor’s Spiritual Secret Dr. & Mrs. Howard Taylor, ed. Gregg Lewis 1990 Discovery House
Motherhood Stress Deborah & Gregg Lewis 1989 Word Publishing
In Sickness and in Health Shireen Perry &
Gregg Lewis
1989 Intervarsity Press
Dark Marathon Mary Wazeter &
Gregg Lewis
1989 Zondervan
The Waters Run Deep Gregg Lewis 1989 Bristol Books
Learning to Preach Like Jesus Dr. Ralph Lewis &
Gregg Lewis
1989 Crossway Publishing
Beyond a Broken Promise Gregg Lewis 1988 Tyndale
The Hurting Parent Margie M. Lewis &
Gregg Lewis
Just One Victory Becky Tirabassi &
Gregg Lewis
1987 Tyndale
Caught Gregg Lewis 1987 World Wide Pictures
Am I Alive? Sandy Purl & Gregg Lewis 1986 Harper & Row Publisher
You Call This a Family? Gregg Lewis & Tim Stafford 1986 Zondervan
Inductive Preaching: Helping People Listen Dr. Ralph Lewis &
Gregg Lewis
1983 Crossway
Telegarbage Gregg Lewis 1977 Thomas Nelson

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