The Inspiring Story of a Miracle Named Joel

by Joel Sonnenberg with Gregg Lewis, 2004

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From the Publisher:

An inspiring story of tremendous tragedy and grief followed by the immense faith, hope and love of the Sonnenberg family. Its message is that no matter how tragic the circumstances in life, they can be overcome with a positive attitude and knowledge that God has a purpose for your life. With God’s love and strong support from family and friends, people can survive, even thrive, through life’s difficulties.

Joel Sonnenberg was only two years old when an 18-wheeler smashed into his family’s car. In the inferno that followed, he was burned on over 85 percent of his body. This is his story as only he can tell it.

Experience the world from Joel’s perspective as he takes you on a personal journey with more twists and turns than a Hollywood movie. It’s been a life of both great struggles and of tremendous achievement and honor. Yet Joel asserts, “I am just an ordinary person whom people find extraordinary.”

Be prepared to fall in love with a young man named Joel.


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