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From the traditional press to the blogosphere, people have good things to say about Gregg Lewis’ books. Below is a collection of quotes we’ve found, with links to the sources if they are online. If you’d like to add to the chorus, pop on over to the Contact Gregg page and let us know what you think. Plenty of other comments can be found on the Amazon pages for the individual books.

  • Not only was Jesus persecuted, so are his followers to this day around the world. [The Insanity of God] is a heart-breaking, faith-stretching, insider’s look at what it means to pick up your cross and follow Jesus.

    -Mark Driscoll, Author and Pastor of Mars Hill Church, Seattle

  • “The Insanity of God is one of those rare books you’ll want to give to everyone you know. But you may feel the need to apologize to those you give it to, knowing it will shake their world! Give it to them anyway. Its message is one every believer needs to hear, and for those who are looking for evidence that God still loves this world, you’ll find it here.

    -Jeff Taylor, CEO of Open Doors International

  • What can I possibly say about [The Insanity of God]? It completely and utterly wrecked me. Half the time I found myself sitting in heartbreaking silence on the verge of tears, and the other half I found myself wanting to shout and dance over some of the stories. No one will read this book and be the same person after the last page. If you want a front row seat to the raw, potent, heart transforming power of Jesus, this book is a must read.

    -Jeff Bethke, Author of Why I Hate Religion, But Love Jesus

  • “[The Insanity of God] is not a book. It's a soul earthquake. You don't read it as much as you experience it, and when it's done with you, you'll never be the same. Ripken's story is one of those that shows up once in a generation, and everyone I know needs to read it. 'The Insanity of God' may very well be the book of the century.

    -Johnnie Moore, Vice President, Liberty University

  • “A Dream So Big is one beautiful and moving story of the largeness of God. It pinned me to my reading chair and would not let me move. I groaned in pain, used up many tissues, and laughed deeply at the inevitable and magnificent victory of God in His earth. I know what book I’ll be giving to friends in the near future.

    -Ed Chinn, Cool River Pub

  • I hope that anyone reading this is inspired to go read Steve's book [A Dream So Big] and discover how each one of us can make a difference in the middle of adversity and obscurity.

    -Gregg Kaupp, CEO of Archer Point

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